Configure Windows Authentication (IIS 7)

I tried to publish an ASP.Net web application on IIS 7 that by default enables anonymous authentication only, but in my web application I need to use Windows authentication to allow users to authenticate using the NTLM.

Note : Windows authentication is not appropriate for use in an Internet environment, because that environment does not require or encrypt user credentials.

To Configure Windows Authentication in IIS 7 follow the mentioned steps below :

1. Select Run command from the start menu
2-pkgmgr.exe /iu:IIS-WindowsAuthentication
3. Type inetmgr and click ok
4. IIS will be opened and select the computer name on the top left
5. Double click and Open authentication icon
6. Select Windows authentication and on the right hand side, select enable.

Note : The default setting for Windows authentication is Negotiate. This setting means that the client can select the appropriate security support provider. To force NTLM authentication, you must change the value of the <Provider> element under the <windowsAuthentication> element in the ApplicationHost.config file.

Enjoy 🙂


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