SharePoint CAML Designer Tools

CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) is an XML-based query language that helps you querying lists and libraries in SharePoint.

            <FieldRef Name="ContentType" />
            <Value Type="Text">My Content Type</Value>
            <FieldRef Name="Description" />
   <GroupBy Collapse="TRUE">
      <FieldRef Ascending="FALSE" Name="Title" />
      <FieldRef Name="_Author" />
      <FieldRef Name="AuthoringDate" />
      <FieldRef Ascending="TRUE" Name="AssignedTo" />

In this hint, I introduce a list of CAML tools that will help you to build and test your CAML Queries easily.

To connect to SharePoint Site by:

  • Using the server-side object model when the CAML Designer is installed on the machine running SharePoint 2013.
  • Using the .NET client-side object model when the CAML Designer is installed remotely, and that require to install a .Net 4.5 Framework.
  • Using the plain old web services of SharePoint.

Enjoy 🙂

See also a CAML Designer 2013 user manual

[Update]: Because of CAML Designer 2010 is no longer available over the internet. therefore, you could use CAML Designer 2013 that is compatible with SharePoint 2010 based on Andy Van Steenbergen recommendation, who is one of the CAML Designer creators,

Thanks, Andy Van Steenbergen.

2 thoughts on “SharePoint CAML Designer Tools

  1. hey , didn’t even know the CamlDesigner 2010 was still online somewhere 🙂 , it’s best to use the CamlDesigner 2013 because it’s backwards compatible and it just looks cooler ;-).

    nice site, kind regards
    Andy Van Steenbergen


    1. Hi Andy,
      I appreciate your comment, and I would like to inform you that I have written this article since 2012, where the CamlDesigner 2010 was available, anyway, the article has been updated based on your recommendation.
      Again, thanks, andy.

      Liked by 1 person

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