Capabilities and Elements in Sandboxed Solutions

In previous article, I talked about Sandboxed Solution Considerations where I defined What is the sandboxed solutions and it’s limitation.

In this hint, I lists the capabilities and elements that can be supported by sandboxed solutions.

Sandboxed solutions support the following capabilities:

  • List Definitions
  • List Instances
  • Onet.xml
  • WebTemplate feature elements (instead of Webtemp.xml)
  • Content Types/Fields
  • Navigation
  • Module/files
  • Feature callouts
  • Web Parts
  • Support for all Web Parts that derive from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart
  • Event receivers
  • SPItemEventReceiver
  • SPListEventReceiver
  • SPWebEventReceiver
  • Custom actions
  • Declarative workflows

Sandboxed solutions do not support the following elements:

  • Visual Web Parts
  • Application Pages
  • Custom Action Group
  • HideCustomAction element
  • Web Application-scoped features
  • Farm-scoped features
  • Workflows with code

Enjoy :

See also Differences Between Sandboxed and Farm Solutions


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