Connect to Oracle DB via Visual Studio

If you decide to connect to Oracle DB using Visual Studio you should follow the mentioned instruction below:

  • Make sure that the Instance Oracle Client and Oracle Data Provider for .Net (x64) have been installed. (To download and install Instance Oracle Client and Oracle Data Provider check this )
  • Open Visual Studio > Tools Menu > Select Connect to Database.


  • Here’s the following “Choose Data Source” dialog  should shown.


  • Select Oracle DB and for data provider select .Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle > Click Continue.
  • Here’s the following “Add Connection” dialog should shown.


By the way, I wrote this hint to explains How to fill the Server name in “Add Connection” dialog by following the bit steps below :

  • Locate the Oracle Installation path, Check “tnsnames.ora” file.
    • Note : If  tnsnames.ora file was not found so that
      • Go to Sample Folder > Copy tnsnames.ora file and paste it outside Sample folder.
  • Write the connection string as mentioned below.
    • Where PROD is the Server name in “Add Connection” dialog.
    • Update Host with your IP.
  • Go back to “Add Connection” dialog and Set Server name and provide the Username and Password > Test Connection > OK.


  • Now the Oracle connection should be established successfully.

Enjoy 🙂

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