CU March (PU) for SharePoint 2013 available and mandatory

The CU March (PU) is the first cumulative update for SharePoint 2013 after RTM release.

Why this CU Mandatory ?

Because you cannot use any future CU without install first this CU March so it’s Public Update & Mandatory .

What do you mean with PU ?

Public Updates are also cumulative updates – but only include those packages which include updates which should be distributed to all customers. Public updates are either security fixes or other fixes which are recommended to be installed by all customers as they address issues which affect many users. A public update is always a subset of a CU, CU is a subset of Uber Package.SharePointPatchingUnmystified03

SharePoint PUs are cumulative – so installing the Excel Services PU from March will apply also the changes to Excel Services included in February PU and also all other fixes which were added to the same package in previous CUs. But as March PU does not ship any changes for the Search component it will be required to also install January PU to ensure that your system is properly patched with all public updates.

So that to install future cumulative updates for SharePoint 2013 it will be mandatory to first install the March public update.

  • KB 2768000 – SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • KB 2767999 – SharePoint Server 2013
  • KB 2768001 – Project Server 2013

The Full Server Packages for March 2013 PU are available through the following links:

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 PU contains the SharePoint Foundation PU. And the Project Server 2013 PU contains SharePoint Server PU and SharePoint Foundation PU.
That means only one package has to be installed for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

Enjoy 🙂

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