Can not save a document back into document library in SharePoint

In a SharePoint 2010, when I tried to create a new document within a document library. I found out it has been saved on the local PC rather than saved directly on the SharePoint document library !

This is my scenario :

  • I opened a document library.
  • I clicked on a new word document. > Type data > Save.

The Save As dialog asking for a save location that point to a local drive on my local computer! where it’s should be the path of parent SharePoint document library.



The WebClient feature was stopped or not installed on each WFE SharePoint Server in the farm.


  • Open Web-Front-End Server and press Ctrl+R and type Services.msc.


  • Try to search for WebClient service by pressing W. (Note: If the WebClient service was not listed, thence you should install it by following the bit instructions in this hint)


  • Right Click on Service name > Select Properties.


  • Beside Startup type, Set it to Automatic > Press Start Then OK.


  • Reboot your server and try again .

Note : Repeat the previous steps for each WFE Server on your farm.

The document should be now saved directly on SharePoint document library.

In case of you have been followed the previous steps and the issue still exist,Try to check Offline editing options for document management server files as the following :

  • Excel > Excel Options > Save > below Offline Editing > check the the web server


Enjoy 🙂


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