Your backup is from a different version of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and cannot be restored

When I tried to restore a site collection backup using SharePoint Management Shell,I got the following error:


The site collection backup has been taken from a SharePoint farm that its build number version is not identical to the target SharePoint farm.


First, I checked the patch level of source and destination farm by following:

  • Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as administrator and type
  • The output of the source farm is 14.0.7121.5000.


  • Or open Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Server In this Farm


  • Below farm Info check the Configuration database version.


  • Apply the previous command to the destination farm.

As you can note, The patch number for target farm is different and lower than the source farm! therefore, you need to patch the target farm to be as same as the source farm.

  • Check this build number table to download the missed CU, then install it in your destination farm.

After I installed the required update to the target farm and now both farms are identical in build number.

I should Check Database Schema Versions before trying to restore a site collection by following the mentioned steps below:

  • Open Central Administration
  • Navigate to Upgrade and migration section.


  • Review Database Status.


  • Check the content database of your web application that you want to restore a backup to it.


  • Check the status column for each content database and if you found “database is in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended” so you will need to upgrade your database.
  • Click on WSS_Content and check the version details.


  • If the Current Schema Version is less than the Maximum Schema Version, then the database should be upgraded as soon as possible.
  • To Upgrade content database, run the below command in SharePoint Management Shell.
    “Upgrade-SPContentDatabase <Content_db_name>”


  • After executing the upgrade command,the Current Schema Version is should be equal to the Maximum Schema Version.


  • Try again to restore the site collection backup that should be now restored without any issues.

nowbackup working

Note: If the site collection size exceed 1GB. The restore operation will take a long time.

So I advise to use SQL Server Backup/Restore operation that mentioned in this article  if the site collection size is more than 1GB.

You can also check the following article to restore a SharePoint backup without checking the farm build number.

Enjoy 🙂

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