Custom Field Invalid Type Column using PSI in Project Server

In Project Server, when I tried to update a custom field value for specific project using PSI web service. I got the following exception

ProjectServerError(s) LastError=CustomFieldInvalidTypeColumnFilledIn Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information

Custom Field Invalid Type Column During updateing a custom field value via PSI in Project Server

This exception specifically occurred when the debug hit the below line of code:

projectSvc.QueueUpdateProject(jobId, sessionId, project, validateOnly);


This problem might occur if the custom field type is not matched with the assigned value.

For example, if you tried to update a text data type custom field with date or number value, you will get this error because the field datatype must be matched with the data assigned.


The below steps would help to trace this exception and solve it:

  • First of all, you can check the Project Server Error Code from this link.
  • As per the Project error code list, I got that I updated a custom field value with an invalid value.
    • The values type should fall in the following types:
      • (DATE_VALUE).
      • (TEXT_VALUE).
      • (DUR_VALUE).
      • (CODE_VALUE).
      • (FLAG_VALUE).
      • (NUM_VALUE).
  • I checked the custom field data type that I need to update it, by doing the following:
    • Go to Project Server setting:
Project Server Setting
  • Below “Enterprise Data” -> Click “Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables“.
Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables
  • Find the required custom field > Below type column check its type.
  • As shown below, the custom field type is Text!
  • Go back to the code, and check what’s the assigned value type that you were using
    • In my case, I used the type as DATE_VALUE! that must be TEXT_VALUE.
  • The final code must be as the following:
if (row.MD_PROP_UID == LastHijriUpdatedDate)
 //if yes, write it into the container
 System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture("ar-SA");
 row.TEXT_VALUE = DateTime.Now.Date.ToString();
 //and set the indicater
 updatedatacount += 1;

Applies To

  • Project Server 2013.
  • Project Server 2010.

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