Upload Multiple Documents disabled within Document Library in SharePoint

When I tried to upload multiple files to document library in SharePoint 2010, I noticed that the upload multiple documents and windows explorer view buttons were grayed out as shown below.




Upload Multiple Documents should be activated if

  • Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 was installed.
  • WebClient Service has been started and worked properly.



  • Open Central Administration > Manage web applications > Authentication Providers > Check Client Integration.


  • Install Desktop Experience feature for all WFE+APP SharePoint servers to be able to start the web client service by following the mentioned steps in this article.

If the WebClient  was started but the Upload Multiple Documents still grayed out ! thence you should trace the issue based on your scenario.

In my scenario, Although I have office 2010 64x and using IE11 64x, but the upload multiple document option still grayed out! therefore,I tried to trace the last changes that was occurred on my PC as the following :

  • Before I installed office 2010 64x. I was have Office 2007 32x. so I uninstalled it to can install office 2010 64x.
  • Then,I tried to uninstall office 2010 64x and install it again.but Unfortunately it’s not solving the issue.
  • Finally I realized that there is a conflict between office 2010 64x & Office 2007 32x. although I uninstalled Office 2007 32x but still there are some files that related to it.
  • I go back to  operating system drive (C: \) where I have two folders called Program Files & Program Files (86x).
  • I tried to delete office folder that located in Program Files (86x) then I uninstall office 2010 64x and install it again, Finally,the issue is solved 🙂



Conclusion :

  • Upload multiple documents option should be activated after installing office version
    • if it’s still disabled so there’s a conflict between office 32x and 64x and you need  to trace what’s the last changes related to office installation on your PC.
  • IE 32x or 64x will work fine with office 2007 32x.
  • IE 32x or 64x will work fine with fresh office 2010/2013 64x (Fresh mean you did’t install office 2007 32x before in your PC).
  • If you don’t have office 64x you can  install SharePoint Designer 64x that should solve this issue where I tried to do this that has been worked properly.
  • All the previous will will allow to use Windows Explorer View too.

Enjoy 🙂


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