SSRS Subscription Error: SQL Server Agent was unable to start

When I tried to start SSRS subscription to send weekly reports by e-mail where the prerequisites for SSRS subscription is to be sure that SQL Server Agent is working,so that I opened SQL Server Management Studio to check SQL Server Agent status but unfortunately it stopped !


It’s ease of cake  to start SQL Server Agent by right click and select start ! but In my case when I tried to start it I got the following information dialog



Based on the additional information that mentioned in information dialog, the SQL Server Agent was unable to start because of Service Logon Failureso that this problem might occur because of changing the password of service account that used to run SQL Server Agent service.


To solve this issue you should reset SQL Server Agent service account log on information by following the bit steps below:

  • Type in Run Dialog services.msc


  • Find SQL Server Agent (Your instance name) from services list.
  • Right Click > Select Properties.


  • Navigate to Log On Tab > Update the current service account password  as shown belowLogOnProerties
    • you can also change your service account by clicking Browse and select the new account).
  • Click OK > Start SQL Server Agent.


  • SQL Server Agent should now been started.


Enjoy 🙂

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