Unable to Start SQL Server Service

In this post, I will discuss the below issue

SQL Server Service is not starting!

SQL Server Service is not starting!


One of the common root cause of this issue is

Changing the service account password from the active directory that not reflected directly to the SQL Server Service, So it stopped because of a logon failure.


To check the state of SQL Server Service, you should do the following:


  • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager:

SQL Server Configuration manager

  • In the SQL Server Services, Check the SQL Server Instance and SQL Server Agent state (Running/Stopped).
    • If it was running, try to restart it.
    • If it was stopped, try to start it.SQL Service Stopped
    • If SQL Server Service is failed to start >  Right Click on it > Properties.
    • Below Log on try to retype the username and password then confirm it.
    • Click Start.

Unable to Start SQL Server ServiceSQL service Starting

  • It should now be started.

SQL Server Service Failed to Start

In case, The SQL Server Service still not started, try to
  • Open Services.


  • Restart SQL Server Service.

SQL Server service does not start successfully

  • Check the error message, if it’s not clear try to check Event Viewer.

Applies To
  • SQL Server 2017.
  • SQL Server 2016.
  • SQL Server 2014.
  • SQL Server 2012.
  • SQL Server 2008.


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