This content database has a schema version which is not supported in this farm

Once I have restored the SharePoint Content Database Backup to another farm that has been restored successfully. but unfortunately, when I tried to mount the restored Content Database to the Web Application, I got the following error:

This content database has a schema version which is not supported in this farm


Scenario :

I followed the mentioned steps in this article to migrate a web application from one farm to another through database-attach method.

During mounting the Content Database to a Web Application by doing the following steps:

  • Central Administration > Manage content database.


  • Click on Add a content database.


  • Add the name of the Restored Content Database.


I got this error:

This content database has a schema version which is not supported in this farm


Note: You can also use a SharePoint Management Shell to Mount the Content Database to a Web Application by using the following Cmdlet.

Mount-SPContentDatabase "<ContentDb>" 
-DatabaseServer "<DbServer>" 
-WebApplication http://SiteName

Cause :

Configuration database version (Build Farm) of Source Farm is not identical to The Configuration database version of Destination Farm.(To get the build version number of your farm read this article).


To solve this issue, you should match the Configuration database version of destination farm to be the same as the source farm before you take a backup of content database from source farm by following the mentioned steps below:

1-In source farm,

  • Open Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Servers In This Farm.

System Settings

  • Below Farm Information > Check the Configuration database version.

Server in farm - Configuration database version

Note: Sometimes, the CU does not update the configuration database version in Central Administration like Oct CU 2013 and in this case, you should get the configuration database version from SQL Server by opening the versions table of Content Date.


In this case it's (14.0.6117.5002) that is February 2012 CU & (14.0.7108.5000) that near to October 2013 CU (14.0.7108.5000), and they should be installed in sequence in destination farm.

  • Search for the current installed configuration database version (Build Farm) “15.0.4569.1000” to find the corresponding CU release.

Versions Content Database Table

2-In destination farm,

  • Repeat the previous steps to get the corresponding CU release of the current installed Configuration database version (Build Farm)

Note : If the latest CU of destination farm is higher than the latest CU in the source farm. thence, the source farm should be updated with the same CU of destination farm and vise versa.

  • In my case, The corresponding release of destination build farm is SharePoint Server 2013 RTM that is lower than the source build farm .Therefore, I should download and install the Service Pack 1 in destination farm.


  • You can't rollback the installed CU.
  • If you experience difficulty in implementation of the previous steps. you can only install the latest CU on both farm to become the same in Configuration database version (build farm). but it's not recommended to install the latest CU in production farm until tested in Dev/Staging farm.

Unsupported Workaround

There is a simple workaround that is faster than the previous solution but it is not recommended in production farm and unsupported from Microsoft (I advise to apply this workaround only in Dev environment)

1-In source farm ,

  • Open SQL Server Management studio.
  • Open the Content Database > Versions Table > Copy the Version field value that it’s “VersionId” is not equal 00000-000. In this example It’s &

  • Or from Central Administration > Upgrade and Migration > Review Database Status.

Upgrade and Migration - Review Database Status.png

  • Manage Database Upgrade Status.

Manage Databases Upgrade Status

  • Get the database Schema Versions.

Database Schema Versions

2-In destination farm,

  • Go back to open the Restored Content Database > Open Versions Table in Edit Mode.


  •  Replace the “Version” field value from Source Content Database to the corresponding version field value in the Restored Content Database. (In my case I will replace with & with
  • Go back to mount the content database that should be now mounted successfully.


Enjoy 🙂

See also, Restoring a SharePoint Web Application Using SQL Database Backup.


6 thoughts on “This content database has a schema version which is not supported in this farm

  1. i am trying to restore my share point site that has been accidentally crashed,

    and i am having SQL server data base backup with me,





    and while restoring WSS content database i am getting the same error,

    i have noticed the versions of old one is different with the new one

    VersionId Version



    but i am not able to set the value while i selected,

    please help on this!!


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