An unknown error has occurred inside Project Center in Project Server

After I have been saved the Project schedule, I tried to browse the Project Center. but unfortunately, I got the following ambiguous error

An unknown error has occurred



this is an ambiguous error that needs to trace based on each scenario conditions by checking the Event Viewer and trace log.

Investigation Steps

First, I suggest editing all views in project center to be filtered with the project published date to be less than the date before the problem occurred by following :

  • Open PWA Settings > Look and Feel > Manage Views.
  • Below Project Center views > edit all views with a custom filter.
    • the project published date to be less than the date before the problem occurred.

This does not solve the issue, but it allows the project center to open without error and show all projects else the projects that were published and might cause this issue.

Second,Check the Event Viewer to get the root cause of the issue.

  • Open Event Viewer.

open event viewer

  • I found out  the following log details :

Exception message was Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.UserMemberships' with unique index 'CX_UserMemberships_RecordId_MemberGroupId_SID'. The statement has been terminated.

can not insert duplicate key in usermemberships

  • Open SharePoint Management Shell as farm account.
  • List all databases information that has not been synchronized with the user profile service by typing the following cmdlet one by one.
stsadm -o sync -listolddatabases n
stsadm -o sync -deleteolddatabases n
  • The ‘-listolddatabases‘ command lists
    • the content databases that have not been synchronized since ‘n’ days.
  • The ‘deleteolddatabases’ command performs
    • the same operation as the listolddatabases parameter, except it deletes old records corresponding to these databases. It does not delete the databases themselves. Once the synchronization references are deleted and a new profile synchronization occurs, new references will be stored in the database.

deleteoldedatabase command

  • Go back to the last published projects > open its schedule > Based on Error log that talk about UserMemberShips. thence, the issue might be related to Project Resources > to check that follow the following few steps:
    • From project Professional > File > Save & Send > Save & send in project profissional
    • Click Map Resources then Continue to step 2 until finish the import project wizard.Import Project Wizard Step 1
    • Save & Publish the schedule and make sure it was published successfuly.project published successfully
    • Remove the previous filter from specific view to test it.
    • Great, the project centar is now working propely.
    • Update all views by removing the filter back.
  • If the problem still persists, try to trace the latest published project till solve the issue.

Enjoy 🙂


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