Failed to get schema version of Published database during Provisioning PWA Instance In Project Server

During Provisioning a PWA site , I got  “Failed – see the Application event Log

Provision PWA Failed

I checked the Event Viewer

open event viewer

I found out this error log details :

Failed to get schema version of Published database

provision PWA event viewer error

Cause :

The common Root Cause of this issue is the Administrator account that was assigned  during creating the PWA instance is not has a SYSADMIN access to SQL Server.

PWA Administrator Account

Solution :

To provide the Administrator account SYSADMIN role on SQL Server follow the mentioned steps below :

  • Open Central Administrator > Application Management > Manage Service Application.

Manage service applications

  • Click on Project Server Application  Server  > Manage.

Manage Project Server Service.png

  • Unfortunately, you can’t edit the the failed PWA instance

retry to provision PWA

  • So to get the administrator account that used during provisioning the PWA instance using SharePoint Shell follow the mentioned steps below :
    • Open SharePoint Management Shell or Windows Shell.Run SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator
    • Type the following simple command
      Get-SPProjectWebInstance -Url http://server/pwa

For more details about this command check this hint.

  • Open SQL Management Studio.

SSMS welcome

  • Connect to the DB Server.

Connect to SSMS

  • Below Security > Logins.

Security SQL

  •  Double click on the specified administrator account user > Server Roles > Check if it has Sysadmin access as the following.

assign server role to sql

  • Below User Mapping > Map the administrator account to 4 PWA Databases as shown.

assign usier mapping sql for pwa account

  • Go Back to PWA Service in Central Administration > Retry to provision the site again

retry to provision PWA

  • It’s should now be provisioned successfully.

PWA Provisioned

If administrator account already have the required server role and you still got the same error

  • If it’s the first time to provision PWA Instance , Try to delete it and create it again.
  • if you are trying to migrate PWA Instance to another farm and you got this error so you must make sure that the destination farm build number is the same to the source farm and to achieve that check this link.

Enjoy 🙂

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