Project Server Queue Error: Reporting WssSyncList Failed (24018) in Project Server

During  publishing, a project schedule via Project Web Access in Project Server, I got the following error:

Reporting WssSyncList Failed to prepare the transfer of SP list 1100 for project.(24018)

failed to prepare the transfer of sp list 1100

This problem might occur because of removing one or more out of the box list columns from the default lists like Issues, Risks, and Deliverable in Project site.

The SP list ID that shown in the error message represents the list name based on the following table:

SP List ID SP List Name
1100 Issues
1101 Risks
1104 Deliverables

In my case, the problem occurred in Issues list (1100) specifically at the category field that was removed ! and to trace that you should follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Open the project site workspace for this project  > Go to issues list setting.
    issue list settings

The category field is not found that mean it was manually removed !! and this behavior is not supported in Project Server. therefore, it causes a sync problem between Project Site and Reporting DB. So be aware that,

  • Don’t try to remove any fields in the default lists in the project site.
    • If you want to customize these lists in order to don’t show some fields,you should  just edit the list view to hide them.
    • Also, you can enable content type for this list and set this field as hidden as mentioned in the first method of this article.


To solve this issue, follow the bit instructions mentioned below:

  • Open an issue list within another Project site that was not modified before.
  • Go to list setting > Field Name > Check the URL (In Some Fields As “Assigned To” the original name is AssignedTo without space)URLFieldName
  • Pick the field name as above shown.
  • Go back to the affected Project Site > Open the affected list (In my case it is Issue list) >  Add a new column > Name the new field with the same field name that picked from the original list.
  • Publish the Project Schedule again.
  • Try to check the project queue again that shouldn’t now raise the sync issue for this field . (Might be the problem still persists but with another list or another field )

NoteIf you didn’t have any important information on your Project Site, I advise to delete it and recreate a new one that will solve all errors related to  ReportingWssSyncListFailed.

Enjoy 🙂

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