Expand / Extend Operating System Partition Inside VMware

I am working on SharePoint using VMware, I noticed that OS drive size is growing fast !, I tried to remove the Log files and do a clean disk. but it seems I still need to expand the OS drive capacity.

In this hint, I will show How to expand the OS drive size inside VMware by following the mentioned steps below:

  • Before you decide to extend the VM Hard Disk size, you should ensure that you have available free space on Host Server drive.
  • Open VM Workstation > browse to locate VM path
  • From the left side > select edit virtual machine settings .VMware Settings
  • Below Hardware tab > Hard Disk > Click on Expand.

expand vmware hard disk

  • Set the Max Disk Size (GB) > Click on Expand button.

expand vm disk capacity

  • Power on this virtual machine.
  • Open Server Manager > Manage > Computer Management.

Computer Management.png

  • From the left side > below storage > select Disk Management.

Computer Management Disk Management

  • Right Click on C:\ to extend volume.but unfortunately, the extend option is disabled / grayed out ?!

disk management extend Volume

This issue usually occurs because of there is a partition/drive between the original partition and the unallocated spaceThence, 

If you want to extend volume, you should make sure that there is no partition between the original partition and unallocated space.


In this case, you will need to unallocated the F:\ drive space beside the operating system drive. but this mean all data in this drive will be deleted ! So, before you start to do this you should

  • Make sure that the unallocated space is greater than the F:\ drive (the drive beside OS drive) size to ensure that you can move the F:\ drive content to this space.
  • Create a new simple volume from the unallocated space.

disk management new Volume

  • Move the data files from F:\ Drive to the New Volume.
  • Delete F:\ Drive.

disk management delete Volume

  • You are now having unallocated space beside the Operating System drive.

free space beside OS

  • Again, try to extend the Operating System drive where the extend volume should be now enabled.

free space beside OS extend volume

  • The Extend volume wizard should be started > Next.

Extend Voulme Wizard.PNG

  • By default, all free space will be set,  you can change the amount of space based on your requirement.

Set Space as required.PNG

  • Click finish, the OS Volume should be extended successfully.

Extend Voulme Wizard completed


Note: When VM has been restarted, you might  face a windows boot problem or windows failed to start. In this case,you should follow the mentioned instructions in this article.

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