The Workflow was Suspended with Unauthorized HTTP / Elevate Workflow permissions in SharePoint 2013

When I tried to create a simple workflow to update a list item via SharePoint designer 2013 but unfortunately, It is suspended with the following error:

Unauthorized HTTP

workflow unauthorized http


This problem might occur because of

  • By default, the workflow doesn’t have permissions to access the list where the Workflows generally run at permission level equivalent to write.
  • The user doesn’t have Contribute permission on the list.


To elevate the permissions for workflow, you should follow the mentioned steps below:

In this article, I am considering that Workflow Manager platform and App management Service have been created and configured.

1:. Allow workflow to use app permissions.

  • Using site collection administrator > Open Site > Site Settings.Site Settings
  • Below Site Actions > Select Manage site features.Manage Site Features
  • Activate Workflows can use app permissions feature.

Workflows can use app permissions.png

2:. Grant full control permission to a workflow.

  • Using site collection administrator > Open Site > Site Settings >Below  Users and Permissions > Site App Permissions.

Site app permissions.png

  • Copy the client section of the App Identifier. This is the identifier between the last “|” and the “@” sign, as shown below.

App Identifier

  • Navigate to grant permission to an app page by browsing the appinv.aspx page of the site.
    • Example: http://{hostname}/{catalog site}/_layouts/15/appinv.aspx.

Grant permission for an app

  • Paste the client section of App Identifier to the App Id field.
  • Click Lookup to fetch the required info.Grant permission to an App
    • If the App management Service is not installed you will get the following error when you clicked on Lookup button and to overcome this issue check this.App Management Shared Service Proxy is not installed.png
    • If the lookup button was unable to retrieve its related information check this hint to overcome this issue.
  • Paste the following Permissions Request XML to grant full control permission.




Right="FullControl" /> </AppPermissionRequests>

Grant permission to an App 2.png

  • You will then be asked to trust the Workflow app, Click Trust It.

Trust your app.png

3: Develop the workflow to wrap actions inside an App Step using SharePoint Designer.

Add app step.PNG

Clear the check box next to Automatic updates to workflow status to the 
current stage name, and then click Publish,

uncheck automatic update Try to test workflow and check it’s status that should be now worked properly.

Activity in progress

Enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Workflow was Suspended with Unauthorized HTTP / Elevate Workflow permissions in SharePoint 2013

  1. it’s worked form me but I have problem with Arabic screenshots should you use English screenshots in your next article please


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