Show hidden saved password in any browser

If you tried to sign in to any of your accounts via any browser, you will not that the browser offers to save your password to remember it in next time.


Indded,  It’s a useful feature if you are using your PC. But sometimes, it let you forget your password.

In my scenario, I forget my Gmail password that has been saved within Google Chrome browser,  and I need to know what’s the saved password without resetting it. In this case, I will follow the mentioned steps below to show the hidden saved password.

  • Open Gmail account using Google Chrome.

Save Password in browser

  • Click F12 to show the developer tools.

Select Password field 0

  • Use the selector arrow (ctrl+shift+c) to inspect the password field, In left side page the password field should be selected like this.

Password field selected

  • In right side page, you will find the password field code was selected.

Password Type

  • Double click on password in type attribute

edit password type attrbuite

  • Type text instead of password

set passowrd type to text

  • Now the password should be shown like this

show password

Enjoy 🙂


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