Attach a Related Issue / Risk to Specific Task in Project Server 2013

In Project Server 2013, I received a new task In Tasks Section as shown below:


I need to attach a related risk item from Risk list in Project Site to this task before submit it for approving. But unfortunately, I don’t discover any option to achieve that!

Edit task-Attachments
In this hint, I elaborate How to Add a Related Issue / Risk to a particular Task in Project Server 2013 by following the mention steps below:

  • Open PWA > Tasks> Click on the task name that you need to attach a risk item.

Edit Task

  • In Attachment Section > Click on Risk header link.

Edit task-Attachments risk header

  • You should now navigate to the Risk list within the related project site.

Risk List

  • Add a Risk or select someone that has already added by clicking on view item.


  • Scroll down till view RELATED ITEM link.


  • Click on ADD RELATED ITEM > Select an asset from Tasks list.

Select An Asset

  • Filter the list with My Tasks view to show your assigned tasks.

Select An Asset tasks

  •  Select your related task > Click on Insert.

Select An Asset insert

  • The risk should be now associated with your task successfully.

Add related task

  • To remove the added risk, click on REMOVE button beside the task name.

Remove related item

  • Go back to edit your Task in PWA > Tasks > The associated item Risk should now be displayed in task attachments section as shown below.

Risk Attached

Note: you can also add related issues with the same steps.

Enjoy 🙂

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