Missing Strategy Quick Launch in Project Server

In Project Server, I couldn’t find the Strategy links related to the portfolio analyses within the left navigation.

Strategy Links not found

Cause :

This issue might occur because of

  1. Strategy links mightn’t have been checked within Quick Launch settings.
  2. The current user was not elevated permissions to use Strategy links.


1. Strategy links mightn’t have been checked in Quick Launch settings.

  • Open PWA Settings.

PWA Settings

  • Below Look and Feel >Click on Quick Launch.

Look and feel Quick launch

  • Make sure that the strategy links and its sub child have been checked as shown below.

Strategy Quick Launch

  • Save and Close from the above ribbon.
  • The Strategy links should be now shown in left navigation.

Strategy Links

2. Permission Issue.

Check the global permission related to the current user, and make sure that the following permissions are allowed.

Portfolio startegy permission

  • If the previous solutions are not solving the issue try to
    • Click CTRL + F5.
    • Clear the History & Cache.
    • Close Browser.
  • If the problem still persists, you should try to add the strategy links manaually in Quick Launch
    • Strategy (Parent) > /PortfolioStrategy/Drivers.aspx
      • Driver Library (Chield) > /PortfolioStrategy/Drivers.aspx
      • Driver Prioritization (Chield) > /PortfolioStrategy/Prioritizations.aspx
      • Driver Analyses (Chield) > /PortfolioStrategy/Analyses.aspx


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