500 – Internal Server Error in SharePoint 2013

In this article, I will investigate the below issue

500 – Internal Server Error – SharePoint Server


When I tried to browse a SharePoint Portal, I got the below error:

500 – Internal Server Error

500 - Internal Server Error in SharePoint


In SharePoint, the “500 – Internal Server Error” might occur in case:

  1. The Web config file might have been modified in incorrect format.
  2. An Application Pool is stopped.


The Web config file was modified in incorrect format
  • Open IIS Manager.

Open IIS Manager

  • Try to browse the SharePoint site.

Browse the SharePoint site from IIS

  • The error details should be now displayed as shown below.

500 - Internal server error in SharePoint

In the above case, I forget to surround the attribute value with a double quotation.

Note: It’s heavily recommended to take a backup from the Web.Config file before performing any update to allow a rollback.

  • Locate the web config file by browsing the SharePoint web application as shown below:

Explore Web site in IIS Manager

  • Edit the config file with an appropriate editor.
  • Save and close.
  •  Repeat all previous steps for all Web config within the SharePoint servers.
  • Try to browse the site again that should be working correctly.

An Application Pool is stopped.
  • Open IIS Manager to make sure that the application pools were running,

Note: To know What’s the corresponding service name for each service GUID check this How to get the corresponding SharePoint services name of the Application Pool GUID.

  • If you found out the web application pool has been stopped, try to start it.

SharePoint Application pool List in IIS Manager

  • In my case, I have tried to start the application pool that started then quickly stopped again!

Start App pool in IIS Manager

This behavior usually occurs in case the password of Application Pool Identity has been changed from Active Directory.

Unfortunately, this change is not automatically reflected on the IIS Application Pool and requires to be updated manually in IIS Manager, by doing the following:

  • Right-Click on the Application Pool > Advanced Settings.

App pool - Advanced Settings

  • Below Process Model > Identity.

SharePoint App pool Service Account Identity

  • Update the Application Pool Identity credential as shown below:

Set Application Pool Identity Credentials

  • Recycle the Application Pool and make sure that it has been started properly.

500 - Internal Server Error In SharePoint

  • Try to browse the SharePoint Portal again, that should be now worked properly.


Maybe there are other causes for “500 – Internal Server Error In SharePoint” but in this article, I actually have tried to mention the causes that I have already faced.

So please don’t hesitate to share with us any further causes for this issue in comments 🙂 .

Applies To
  • SharePoint 2016.
  • SharePoint 2013.
  • SharePoint 2010.

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