Sorry, you don’t have a licence to use Project Web App In Multi-Tenant Project Server

I am working on Multi-Tenant Project Server environment, I tried to provision a new PWA Site that has been provisioned successfully, but unfortunately When I tried to browse the PWA site I got the following error,

Sorry, you don’t have a licence to use Project Web App


This problem might occur if the User Licence Enforcement capability has already enabled, but the user license mapping hasn’t enabled for the current user.thus the current user will be blocked with this error message “Sorry, you don’t have a license to use Project Web App.

Solution :

  • Make sure that the unlicensed user was added to AD security group.
  • Open SharePoint Management Shell as administrator / a farm account.


  • Check If the AD security group listed in SPUserLicenseMapping.

Get-SPUserLicenseMapping | select name,license


  • If it was not listed, try to create a new license mapping object for a specific AD security group with a license category Project.

$x = New-SPUserlicenseMapping -SecurityGroup -License Project

  • Map a security group to a SharePoint user license.

$x | Add-SPUserLicenseMapping

  • Enable user license enforcement.


The user should now be licensed successfully, to make sure that get the list user mapping again and ensure it was listed.

Get-SPUserLicenseMapping | select name,license

Keep in mind,

  • User License Enforcement has been released only for on-premises SharePoint Server 2013.
  • In SharePoint Server 2013, the User License Enforcement is disabled by default.
  • User License Enforcement capability enables a license mapping for specific users or AD security groups.It can also enable a license mapping for a Forms-based Role using the –RoleProvider and –Role parameters instead of the –SecurityGroup.
  • If the User License Enforcement capability enabled, The user can only access SharePoint/Project Server based on his/her license.otherwise, he/she is blocked.
  • User License Enforcement is managed only through SharePoint 2013 Managment Shell / Windows PowerShell.

SharePoint user licenses are managed through 8 cmdlets:


  • Get-SPUserLicense
    • Returns the list of supported SharePoint user licenses.
      • Unlicensed.
      • Standard.
      • Enterprise.
      • Project.
      • OfficeWebAppsEdit.



Enjoy 🙂

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