Change Workflow Actions language in SharePoint Designer

In this article, I’ll show How to “Change the Workflow Actions language in SharePoint Designer” to be able to develop a SharePoint Workflow with your desired language.


I tried to create a new workflow via Sharepoint designer 2013. but unfortunately, I observed that the Workflow actions and conditions shown with the Arabic Language.Meanwhile, I want to develop in English.

Workflow Actions - Arabic - SharePoint Designer

I checked SharePoint Site settings > Site Administration > Language settings

Language Settings - Site Administration - SharePoint2013

I found out

  • Default language: Arabic.
  • Alternative language: English.

Language Settings - SharePoint2013

I also tried to change the SharePoint Designer Options > Language > Choose Editing language from Arabic to English.but to no avail !

SharePoint Designer Options


Unfortunately, You can’t change SharePoint Workflow Actions language by any means.

The SharePoint Designer Workflow actions language depend on the default language that has been selected in “Template Selection” at the time of creating the new site.

Select Language Create new Site - SharePoint


There’s no direct solution to overcome this issue. But I figured out a workaround solution to change SharePoint Workflow Actions language by following the below steps:

Before you start you should make sure that you have already installed the language pack of your desired language that you need to use to develop your workflow.

  • Create a new subsite with the preferred default language that you want to develop the workflow.
    • Site Action > Site Contents.Site Contents - SharePoint
    • Scroll down to create a new subsite.New subsite - SharePoint
    • Create a new site with your preferred language in “Template Selection” that you want to use it in workflow action.Select Language - Create new Site - SharePoint

You don’t need to create a new site if you already have a site with the prefered language that you need to develop your workflow.

  • At the main site > Save the desired list that you need to apply workflow on it as a template and create a new one at the subsite from this template.
  • Open SharePoint Designer > Open the main site > Navigate to subsites > Open the new one created.

Subsites in SharePoint Designer

  • Create a new List Workflow.

Create Workflow - SharePoint Designer

  • Now, The Workflow Actions and Conditions language displayed with your desired language which is the default language of your site.

Workflow Actions - English - SharePoint Designer

  • Develop your workflow with your desired language.
  • After you finished,
    • Select all stages ( CTRL + A).
    • Right click and select Copy as shown below.

Workflow Stage - Copy - SharePoint Designer

  • Go to The main Arabic site > Edit your workflow.

Edit workflow - SharePoint Designer

  • Below the default stage > Right click > Select Paste as shown below.

Workflow Stage - Paste - SharePoint Designer

  • Once you have pasted the workflow stages, the Workflow Actions and Conditions Language will be changed automatically to your default SharePoint site language of your current site.

Workflow Stage - Arabic - SharePoint Designer

Enjoy 🙂


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