Get SharePoint Config Database Server via PowerShell

If you have multiple database servers within SharePoin farm, How to Get the database server that host SharePoint configuration database via PowerShell ?

Via PowerShell.

  • Open SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator.

Run SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator - Devoworx

  • Run the following cmdlet

(Get-SPDatabase | ?{$_.Type -eq "Configuration Database"}).server

Get-SPConfigDatabase in SharePoint.gif

Cmdlet Explanation :

  • Get all SharePoint database via Get-SPDatabase.
  • Select only Name and Type.
  • Filter database with its type then gets its server.

Get-SPDatabase in SharePoint

Via Central Administration:

  • Open Central Administration > Below System Settings > Click on Manage Servers In this farm.System Settings
  • Below Farm Information > Check Configuration Database Server.

Servers in Farm

Enjoy 🙂


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