Unclickable Page Title in Team Site SharePoint 2013

I got the below question on SE community.

questHow to Remove Home Page Title URL to be unclickable in Teamsite SharePoint 2013?


In this hint, I’m gonna to answer this question in detail by following the below steps:


  • Edit your Page by clicking on the right corner gear icon.

Edit Page

  • At the end of your content (in my case, below the image) > Set the mouse to show the page ribbon.
  • From the above ribbon > click on insert Tab > Web Part.

Add web part at team site page.gif

  • At Media and Content Category > Select Script Editor > Click on Add.


  • Now you will note that you are Missing EDIT SNIPPET option in Script Editor and to show it.
    • Just click on the arrow at the right corner of the Script Editor > Select Edit Web Part > then Click Ok without any changes.edit-web-part
  • Now the Edit Snippet Should be shown.


  • Click On Edit Snippet > add the below Script with your Page Title at var searchText = "QassasHome"; 

<script type="text/javascript>
function disablelinkPageTitle() {
var aTags = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
var searchText = "QassasHome"; // set your page title
var link;
for (var i = 0; i &lt; aTags.length; i++) 
if (aTags[i].textContent == searchText) 
link = aTags[i];
link.href="#"; //remove URL
link.style.cursor = 'default'; // Change mouse&nbsp;cursor

  • Save your Page > try to click on the Home Page title, this should be now unclickable as shown below.

unclickable-page-title-in-team-site-page Enjoy 🙂

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