Open a Filtered List URL in a Modal Dialog in SharePoint

In this hint, I will elaborate How to show a List with a filter in a Modal Dialog within SharePoint.


  • Open your List > Click on the Setting gear > select Edit Page.

Edit Page

  • Add Query string (URL) filter` web part.

query string url filter web part

  • Click on Open the tool pane to configure the Filter web part.


  • Set the Query String Parameter Name to your appropriate Parameter Name in my case, it’s ProjectID.


  • Now build the connection Query string (URL) filter` web part and your List.
  • Edit Query string (URL) filter` web part > Select Connection > Select Send Filter Values To > Select your List.

sharepoint filtered list url connection

  • At Chosse connection Tab > Connection type > Select Get Filter Values From.

Get Filter Values From.gif

  • At Configure Connection > Select your Filter field.

Provider Field Name.gif

  • Now you should test your Filtered List URL.


filter list url

The Output should look like

SharePoint Filter List URL

Enjoy 🙂

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