Missing Security Section in PWA Settings

In this hint, I’ll elaborate

  • questWhy is the Security Setting missing by default in Project Server 2013 / 2016?
  • How to show the Security Setting in PWA Settings?



In Project Server 2013 / 2016, There is two permission mode :

  • SharePoint Permission Mode.(Default)
  • Project Server Permission Mode.

By default, Project server activates the SharePoint Permission mode, and in this case, the security section does not appear in PWA Settings.

hint-iconThe security section is only activated with the Project Server Permission Mode.


Before switching between Project Server permission modes, I suggest reading first SharePoint Permission Mode Vs Project Server Permission Mode in Project Server 2013 to know What is the difference between SharePoint Permission Mode and Project Server Permission Mode and to be able to decide which mode will match your requirements.

To show the security section in PWA settings, you should activate Project Server Permission Mode via Powershell cmdlet as mentioned below:

  • Open SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator.


  • Run the below cmdlet.

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode -Url 'PWA URL' -AdministratorAccount 'domain\adminaccount' -Mode ProjectServer


  • Once you have activated Project Server Permission Mode you should now see the security section within PWA Settings as shown below


To switch from Project Server Permission Mode to SharePoint Permission Mode,

You should run the below cmdlet by running SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator.

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode -Url 'PWA URL' -AdministratorAccount 'domain\adminaccount'  -Mode SharePoint

warning-iconIf the SharePoint Mode has been activated and you intend to switch to Project Server Mode, you should be aware of the SharePoint Permission Mode configurations settings will be removed and vice versa.


See also SharePoint Permission Mode Vs Project Server Permission Mode in Project Server 2013


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