SharePoint 2016: Extend A Web Application


In some scenarios, you may need to share the same content to different types of users [Internal / External] through different URLs or different authentication types. In this case, you will need to extend your SharePoint web application.

Before we begin to explain How to extend a web application, you should first be aware of the following.

  • When the web application is extended, a different Web Application and IIS are created.
  • The main Web Application and the extended one will share the same Content Database.
  • You can extend the web application to change the port number. Meanwhile, you can extend the web application to port 80 in case you use Host Header.
  • Extending web application is used for extranet deployments in which different users access to the same content through different domains and different authentication type.

Below, I will show the simple steps to extend a SharePoint Web Application.


  • Open Central Administration > Application Management > Manage web applications.
  • Select the source web application and from the above ribbon click on Extend button.
SharePoint 2016: Extend A Web Application
  • The Extend Web Application dialog will be shown.
  • Fill the required information based on your requirements like the port number, change the authentication type …etc.
SharePoint 2016: Extend A Web Application

Applies to

  • SharePoint 2016.
  • SharePoint 2013.
  • SharePoint 2010


In this article, we have discussed How can you extend a web application in SharePoint 2016?


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