Selection Pane Features In Power BI

In the previous “Bookmarks Pane Preview feature” article, I have explored the bookmarks feature that introduced in Power BI October 2017 update.

In this article, I will continue exploring another new amazing reporting feature that is

The Selection Pane In Power BI.

Selection Pane In Power BI

Selection Pane is a new reporting feature that announced in Power BI October 2017 update.

It’s an amazing feature specifically for complex Power BI reports with many overlapping objects. it lists all the visualization parts in the current report page and allows you to hide and show these parts as you prefer.

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Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI

In this article, I will explore the

Bookmarks Pane Preview feature in Power BI

Bookmarking preview Feature in Power BI

What’s Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI?

Bookmarks Pane is a new preview feature that announced in Power BI October 2017 update.

  • It’s a powerful way to save and share out your insights.
  • It lets you save interesting states as part of your report.
  • It works as a report navigation for your report.
  • It helps you to organize and make presentations of your report.

How to use Bookmarks Pane in Power BI?

By default, the Bookmarks Pane is not available because of it’s still a preview feature.

Bookmarking (preview) In Power BI

Enable Preview features in Power BI

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Project Server 2016: Get The Enterprise Custom Fields

In this article, we will explain How to

Get the Enterprise Custom Fields In Project Server 2016 Database.


In Project Server 2016/2013, In some cases, you may need to export the Enterprise Custom Fields to Excel.

but unfortunately, there is no export option in the Enterprise Custom Fields page as shown below.

Get the Enterprise Custom Fields From Project Server 2016 Database

In this case, one of the available workarounds is retrieving these data from the Project Server Database as the following:

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