We are facing a lot of technical problems and issues on a daily basis.

Mohamed El-Qassas MVP - DEVOWORX

Sometimes, we use our experience and knowledge to solve these issues, and sometimes we google or ping it.


We are spending a lot of time to investigate and solve the IT issues. However, we didn’t try to document it, and when we faced the same issue again, we started searching from scratch!

Mohamed El-Qassas MVP - DEVOWORX

Therefore, I have decided to create a Knowledge Base for most of the Errors and Issues that I have faced during my working life.

Th blog name is”blog.devoworx” and its slogan is

“The failure and mistakes are everything you need to know success.”

Mohamed El-Qassas MVP - DEVOWORX

The blog basically concentrates on

SharePoint, Office 365 and Project Server 

Microsoft Virtual Academy SharePoint Courses List
Microsoft Virtual Academy Office 365 Courses List

But actually, it includes many other IT related articles.

I believe I am doing a good job for me as well as for others by helping them to find well-documented solutions for their technical issues, It’s a good feeling that we should all try 🙂

Mohamed El-Qassas MVP - DEVOWORX

Please, check my full profile at https://devoworx.com/