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I’m Mohamed El-Qassas, I’m a Senior Solutions Consultant with +10 years of experience in the fields of Software Development and Consultation. I participated in designing, developing and implementing large-scale projects (+35 Projects).

sharepointI have a wide practical experience in the field of

  • SharePoint/EPM Architect.
  • SharePoint/EPM Administration.
  • SharePoint/EPM Customization.
  • SharePoint/EPM Development.
  • SharePoint/EPM Deployment.
  • SharePoint/EPM Operation.

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I’m an active contributor in SharePoint Stack Exchange Community.

  • I was ranked 1st in SE league for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2016.
  • I was ranked 2nd in SE league for the year 2016.
  • I ranked 14th in SE league for all the time. also, I’m the first one in the GCC and Middle East who got this reputation in SharePoint Stack Exchange Community.

I’m an active blogger at https://blog.devoworx.net since 2012. The main objective of this blog is to document all solutions for the Errors / Issues that I have faced during my working life. I hope that will help all of us to avoid these errors in the future, It’s a good feeling that you should try 🙂 .

I’m a founder of a technical group on Facebook ‘SharePoint – EPM – SQL Server Errors / Problems‘. this group has over 2660 members.The main objective of this group is to help others by sharing our knowledge and trying to solve their issues.

I’m also a founder of a technical team called ‘DevoWorx Team’.
DevoWorx Team is considered as a “Team As a Service”. We decide to consult and serve all IT world employees for free, We consider that as alms for our knowledge.

I hope our team grows rapidly with qualified members from all over the world, I’d be so proud if you interested in joining us.

Mohamed El-Qassas


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