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I’m Mohamed El-Qassas, I’m a Senior Solutions Consultant with 10+ years of experience in SharePoint and Project Server.

I’m SharePoint Stack Exchange Moderator & active contributor in SharePoint Stack Exchange Community.

I am honored to be the first contrbuiter in the GCC,  Middle East and Africa in SharePoint Stack Exchange Community.
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I am honored to be elected as the first SharePoint Stack Exchange Moderator in the GCC, Middle East and Africa.

I’m also an active blogger at https://blog.devoworx.net since 2012 with +350 articles.

The main objective of this blog is to document all solutions for the Errors / Issues that I have faced during my working life to be a helpful reference for all to avoid these errors in the future.

I’m also an active contributor in TechNet Wiki since April 2017, I gained  Gold (7), Silver (7) and Bronze (3) Medals in Microsoft TechNet wiki Technical Guru for the following articles: (TechNet Profile)

Gold Medal (7)
  1. Visual Studio 2017: Install and Use GitHub Extension.
  2. Power BI: Show and Sort Slicer By Month or Quarter Name.
  3. Project Server 2016 Configuration.
  4. Project Server: Show Task Hierarchy using SQL.
  5. SharePoint 2016: Detect SharePoint Edition Using SSOM C#.
  6. SQL Server: Create Log Backup Maintenance Plan.
  7. Windows Server 2016: Expand Virtual Machine Hard Disk & Extend the Operating System Drive.
Silver Medal (7)
  1. SQL Script: Convert Rows To Columns Using Dynamic Pivot In SQL Server.
  2. Dive into Visual Studio 2017.
  3. PowerShell Script to Configure Project Server 2016.
  4. Project Server 2013 Migration (Step By Step).
  5. SQL Query: Display Decimal Numbers As Money.
  6. Power BI: Two Way To Get Data From SharePoint List / Library.
  7. Visual Studio 2017: Missing Office / SharePoint Template.
Bronze Medal (3)
  1. Visual Studio 2017: New Installation Experience.
  2. Project Server 2016: SharePoint Permission Mode Vs Project Permission Mode.
  3. Visual Studio 2015: Missing SharePoint 2016 Project Template.

I’m honored to receive the highest number of Medals in

I’m also a contributor in C# Corner, I ranked Top 50 (37).

I’m also a local speaker in government events in Saudi Arabia, I prepared a lot of presentations to show the power of SharePoint and Project Server and How the project server will help the government sector to manage and achieve 2030 vision goals in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

I’m also a founder of

  • A technical group on Facebook ‘SharePoint – EPM – SQL Server Errors / Problems‘ that has over +4000 members.
  • A technical team called ‘DevoWorx Team.
    • DevoWorx Team‘ is considered as a “Team As a Service”.devoworx
    • We decided to consult and serve all IT world employees for free, We consider that as alms for our knowledge.
    • I hope our team grows rapidly with qualified members from all over the world, I’d be so proud if you interested in joining us.

Mohamed El-Qassas


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