Create a New Project Based On SharePoint List Item In Project Server 2016

In this article, I will explain

How to create a new project based on a SharePoint List item by mapping a the List Fields with Project Server Custom Feilds in Project Server 2016?


In our organization, we would like to create a “New Project Idea” SharePoint list, and once the new Idea is approved, we could be able to create a new project from a SharePoint list item.


In Project Server 2013 /2016, we are able to create a simple custom SharePoint list, then map its fields with Project Custom field.

Create a new project based on SharePoint List item in Project Server 2016

Creating a Project from a list item would facilitate the Project creation process espicially for the users who are not familiar with creating a new project in Project Center.


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Missing Security Settings in Project Online

In this article, We will discuss and solve the issue of

Missing Security Setting in PWA Settings in Project Online.


In Project Online > PWA Settings, you can’t find the Security Settings as shown below.
Missing Security Settings in Project Online


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