Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI

In this article, I will explore the

Bookmarks Pane Preview feature in Power BI

Bookmarking preview Feature in Power BI

What’s Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI?

Bookmarks Pane is a new preview feature that announced in Power BI October 2017 update.

  • It’s a powerful way to save and share out your insights.
  • It lets you save interesting states as part of your report.
  • It works as a report navigation for your report.
  • It helps you to organize and make presentations of your report.

How to use Bookmarks Pane in Power BI?

By default, the Bookmarks Pane is not available because of it’s still a preview feature.

Bookmarking (preview) In Power BI

Enable Preview features in Power BI

To enable any Preview features in Power BI, you should do the following: Continue reading Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI