Create a New Project Based On SharePoint List Item In Project Server 2016

In this article, I will explain

How to bulk add projects from a SharePoint List into Project Server 2016?


I have a “New Projects” SharePoint list, and I need to bulk add all list project items to Project Center in Project Server.


In Project Server 2013 /2016 as well as Project Online, you can easily import SharePoint list items into Project server by using “Create Project” button as shown below:

Create a new project based on SharePoint List item in Project Server 2016

The “Create Project” button will help you to create multiple projects from the sharepoint list items by mapping the SharePoint list columns with the Project Web App Fields.

This way would facilitate the Project creation process especially for the users who are not familiar with creating a new project in Project Center.

Note: There is no a specific number for the selected list items that will be converted/imported to Project Server. this is mainly depends on the current hardware specifications of your farm. Meanwhile, it’s recommended to convert from 5 to 10 list items to projects per one time.


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