Missing save site as template in SharePoint

In this article, we will elaborate most of the common situations of

Missing “Save Site As A template” in SharePoint

Missing Save site as template action for publishing site

Before we getting started, you should be aware of

Before you decide to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing feature or Community Site feature for a team site, you should first be aware of the following:

  1. Once the publishing feature is activated the ‘Save site as a template option will be unavailable below Site Action.
  2. Deactivate publishing features will not show back the ‘Save site as a template‘ option.
  3. You’ll not be able to ‘Save site as a template‘ by any means.
  4. Any workaround on the internet to ‘Save site as a template‘ from Publishing Site or from a site that has ever had publishing features enabled is unsupported and often doesn’t work.

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