Difference between Boundaries,Thresholds and Limits in SharePoint

In this hint, I will briefly explain three important terms in SharePoint.

  • What’re Boundaries in SharePoint?
  • What’re Thresholds in SharePoint?
  • What’re limits in SharePoint?

What’s the SharePoint Boundary?

Boundaries: Static limits that cannot be exceeded by design.

SharePoint Boundary Example

An example of a boundary is the 2 GB document size limit; you cannot configure SharePoint Server 2013 to store documents that are larger than 2 GB. This is a built-in absolute value, and cannot be exceeded by design.

What’s the SharePoint Threshold?

Thresholds: Configurable limits that can be exceeded to accommodate specific requirements,

SharePoint Threshold Example

A good example is the document size limit. By default, the default document size threshold is set to 50MB but can be changed to support the maximum boundary of 2GB.

What’s the SharePoint Supported limit?

Supported limits: Configurable limits that have been set by default to a tested value.

SharePoint Limit Example

An example of a supported limit is the number of site collections per farm.

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